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Motor sport and animal lover in his mid late-twenties early-thirties who only recently learnt to drive late in life and does not have any pets.

I like photography, speaking Mandarin and west-end (London) theatre. I used to play a lot of tennis but nowadays I prefer photography infinitely. When I am not shooting I am usually (trying) to speak Mandarin or playing around with aomething Linux-related. To see my pictures: or my flickr .

This site was started in 2007 when it was under a different domain and was hosted on an IBM laptop. It became clear that a web-based documentation tool would be very useful for my day-to-day work. Nowadays I document most of the work I do although sadly 75% of it never makes it onto here as I do not have time to re-write it from my own awful version of shorthand to something that everybody else would understand.

Originally this site was called and was only a personal site, I put it online and its links found their way onto other websites and it slowly became an established website. With 1000s unique users per month it has come a long way from an IBM laptop sitting under my desk.

I work for an ISP as a Linux Systems Administrator, based NW of London, UK.

Comments or suggestions - please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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