When attempting to syncronise all or part of a mailbox in ActiveSync on a Windows Mobile based phone through the use of a wireless connection the following error can occur:

The server could not be reached. This can be caused by temporary network conditions. Support code: 0x85010005

Contrary to the statement above the server can be reached but is giving a 404 Not found error for the OMA virtual directory on the web server that the hostname entered for the server is on. The most likely candidates for this error are:

  1. An incorrect hostname/server name has been entered that is a web server but does not host Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) on it.
  2. The server entered no longer has Exchange or Outlook Mobile Access installed on it.
  3. If using SSL Explorer on the free/community license and this has suddenly started occuring the trail version has expired. - OMA among other features is only available on the Enterprise addition.
  4. The OMA virtual directory has been accidentally deleted on the Internet Information Services server that OMA is hosted. By default this is the first Exchange server in your enterprise. If this is the case the OMA directories will need to be re-created: Recreating IIS virtual directories for OWA, OMA and Exchange ActiveSync
  5. Firewall configuration has been changed causing the IP address resolved from the server entered pointing to the wrong server on the DMZ/LAN.

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