owa reverse proxy

ExtFilterDefine fixowa mode=output cmd="/bin/seds/http:\\\\/\\\\/tsct.phrihawaii.org/https:\\\\/\\\\/tsct.phrihawaii.org/g" Header unset "WWW-Authenticate: NTLM" Header add WWW-Authenticate "Basic realm=tsct.phrihawaii.org"

Header set Host owaproxy.domainname.tld RequestHeader set Host owaproxy.domainname.tld


You're 90% there. Remove your /etc/hosts entry: webmail.exchange.com webmail

And add this to your httpd.conf:

ProxyPreserveHost On

This works with Exchange 2003; I'm not sure if it will work with Exchange 20 00.


ps - you might need to move the :443 Virtual host to ssl.conf

In article <e78bb4db.0406290221.4bbabac3\@posting.google.com>, Hirantha says... > >Dear karnov, > >I'm struggling to setup to publish my Exchange 2000 OWA in Apache2 >with Reveres Proxy. Unfortunately still I couldn’t achieve it. >If don't you mind would you like to help with your configurations, how >to configure Apache server & relevant objects. The following is my >current setup >I have Apache-2.0.40-21 > Openssl-0.9.7a-2 > Mod_ssl-2.0.40-21 rpm installed. >Exchange server on mail.exchange.com ;; exchange 2000 >sever >Apache2 server on apache2.exchange.com ;; RedHat Linux >v9 > >In Apache2 >/etc/hosts file > apache2.exchange.com > webmail.exchange.com webmail > >My httpd.conf is. > ><VirtualHost> >ServerName webmail.exchange.com >DocumentRoot /var/www/html/html.webmail >RedirectMatch \^/(index.html?)$ https://mail.exchange.com/exchange/ >RedirectMatch \^/exchange$ https://mail.exchange.com/exchange/ ></VirtualHost> > ><VirtualHost> >ServerName webmail.exchange.com >DocumentRoot /var/www/html/html.webmail >RedirectMatch \^/(index.html?)$ https://mail.exchange.com/exchange/ >RedirectMatch \^/exchange$ https://mail.exchange.com/exchange/ >ProxyPass /public/ https://mail.exchange.com/public/ >ProxyPassReverse /public/ https://mail.exchange.com/public/ >ProxyPass /exchweb/ https://mail.exchange.com/exchweb/ >ProxyPassReverse /exchweb/ https://mail.exchange.com/exchweb/ >ProxyPass /exchange/ https://mail.exchange.com/exchange/ >ProxyPassReverse /exchange/ https://mail.exchange.com/exchange/ ></VirtualHost>