When attempting to run one of the Very Large DataBase utilities for Computer Associates Brightstor ARCServe the following error appears:

 Failed to log into server 'casdb', username 'USERID': error -2005


  1. Incorrect login credentials provided
  2. Database engine service not running
  3. Temporary checkpoint files causing issues
  4. Check syntax


These resolutions correspond to the numbers above. Try them one at a time, retrying the vldb-utility command after each one.

1. Check that the login credentials are correct. For every installation of Arcserve the credentials are always the same even if you are using a SQL server as your database:

 Database name: "casdb"
 Login: "admin"
 Password: "secret"

All services stopped apart from the database

  1. For correct operation of the VLDB utilities every service should not be running apart from the Database engine. To do this run services.msc , find the services beginning with CA Brightstor and stop all of them apart from "CA Database Engline."

3. Remove temporary files

:#Ensure the database engine is not running. Check that rds.exe is not running - if it is kill it. If you are unable to kill it due to an "access denied" message in task manager set the service to disabled and reboot.

:# Delete *.tmp in /temp

:# Delete r*.* in /database

4. Sometimes an incorrect syntax can produce an error like the one documented here or familier to it. When specifying the database name do not supply the whole filename - Arcserve only requires the common name of the database itself and not the exact filenames. For instance:

 dbfix -a -L casdb;admin;secret astpsdat

This will perform all the checks on the astpsdat database. Arcserve will check the astpsdat.001; astpsdat.002 ... files in turn. Supplying "astpsdat.001" as a parameter will not work.

If performing a dbfix on all the databases does nothing the only option is to Reinitialise the database.