When attempting a Send/Receive in Entourage when using Exchange 2007 the following error can appear:

''The mail account is configured incorrectly in Entourage. Review the mail account settings for typos and incorrect information (including your own email address). On the Tools menu, click Accounts. In Accounts, select the mail account and click Edit. The message has been moved to your Drafts folder.

''Account name: "Exchange"

''Entourage is unable to access the mail account you are using with the mail server configured for that account.

Error: -18597


The cause could be one of the following:

  1. When connecting to Exchange the user's primary smtp address must be used. If another smtp address is used for the user the above error appears. Has a new recipient policy / default email address policy been applied?
  2. When installing Exchange 2007 SP2 the 'Require secure channel (SSL)' option is enabled if not already done so. If Entourage is set to not use SSL the above error appears.


  1. In the Exchange account settings in Entourage always ensure that the primary smtp address of the user's mailbox is used. The primary smtp address if referred to the reply address in the Exchange 2007 EMC. Go to the user's mailbox properties within 'Recipient Configuration' to ascertain the correct smtp address.
  2. Either disable the forcing of SSL in IIS or setup Entourage to use SSL:

Disable the forcing of SSL in IIS for OWA

  1. Run %SystemRoot%\\system32\\inetsrv\\iis.msc
  2. For the 'exchange', 'exchweb', 'owa' and 'public' virtual folders: Right-click > properties > Directory Security > Un-tick 'Require secure shannel (SSL)' This configuration is not recommended and should never be used if port 80 is facing a WAN.

Setup Entourage to use SSL for Exchange

Select 'Use SSL for these Servers' if creating the acc using the assistant.

Or within account options ensure SSL is not ticked.

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