When either using the ESEUTIL in an operation the following error can occur:

Operation terminated with error -514 (JET_errBadLogVersion, Version of log file is not compatible with Jet version) after x seconds.

This error refers to a mismatch of the version of the server that the log files were created (SP1, SP2 etc.) and the version of the server itself. For this reason it is always important to perform a full backup before and after upgrading the Service Pack version of Exchange.

It can occur when using the eseutil /k command to check for file header damage or or the eseutil /cc command to begin hard recovery/log file replay when restoring an exchange database or any other operation.


Primary causes are:

  1. Particularly when resotirng an Exchange database to a new server; ensure that that both the service pack version on the source and destination server match. For instance if the server that had the Exchange database originally was SP2 the new one must also have SP2 installed.
  2. No full backup has been performed since the Service Pack version was upgraded.
  3. A specific error relating to transaction log files created before SP1 on a server that has SP1 installed: MSKB 890056
  4. When attempting to perform an operation normally associated on a log file but on a database file (.edb) or streaming database (.stm). For instance eseutil /ml priv1.edb will generate this error.

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