Forcing an update to the Exchange Recipient Update
Service{width=”500”} When attempting to either import a PST file into an Exchange mailbox; or exporting data to a PST file through using Exmerge the following error can occur:


To troubleshoot this issue:

  • Check that the user attempting the Exmerge has the appropriate permissions: Exmerge error 0x8004011d (Exchange)
  • Ensure both the mailboxes are visible in the GAL - this is most likely to be the cause

If the issue still occurs the Recipient Update Service may need to be manually updated:

  1. Open Exchange System Manager
  2. Under Recipient Update Services choose the Recipient Update Service for your domain.
  3. Right click and choose Update now.

If the above does not work try Rebulid. In a large environment it may be required to Update/Rebulid the enterprise Recipient Update Service.