As per RFC certain characters are not permissalbe in SMTP addresses. All versions of Exchange automatically strip/remove invalid characters. Apostrophes on the contrary are 'offically' allowed however it is general practice to not use them in smtp address as despite Exchange handling them OK; other systems such as Watchguard will block smtp sessions that contain an apostrophe.

Using the %r replacement string

The replacement string in a recipient policy (Exchange 2000/2003) or an email address policy (Exchange 2007) allow a character to be replaced/substituted for another or simply deleted when used BEFORE the replacement string where characters should be reaplced.


To replace character "x" with character "y"

To strip/delete all occurances of "x"

  • For example to use firstname.lastname whilst stripping all apostrophes from the last name:

Change configuration to affect all users

Exchange 2007

  • From EMC: Org. Config > Hub transport > E-mail addresses policies tab > Edit
  • Select any flitering and add a very basic policy. Now rename the new email address policy by performing a slow double-click on it, so it can be renamed. Now the policy can be freely edited - something which the wizard does not allow to be done.

Exchange 2003

  • From Server Manager: Recipients > Recipient Policies
  • Double click the policy to be edited, usually Default policy.
  • Add the new policy from the E-mail addresses (Policy) tab.

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