From Windows 2000 onwards a folder called 'System Volume Information' resides in the root of the Windows inatallation partition, usually C:\\ . The directory security is set so that not even Administrators can access it, although this can be changed. Files in thie folder if changed/deleted could cause certain functions to fail.

Folder Contents

  • System Restore points: All beginning with "_restore" .
  • Distributed Link Tracking Service databases: This service tries to repair broken shortcuts.
  • File Indexes: Databases for the native file indexer.
  • Volume Snapshot Service databases: Used to allow volume shadowing - this allows previous versions of files to be restored on the same hard drive allowing restores to be done by users so long as it is not deleted.
  • WinFS databases: Longhorn only

Accessing the folder

If the folder is not in the C:\\ listing it is being hidden, to disable this:

  1. From within Explorer go to Tools > Folder Options
  2. Go to the view tab, then ensure Show hidden files and folders is clicked and that Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) is unchecked. Click Yes to the confirmation.

After which go back to C:\\:

  1. Right click the System Volume Information folder
  2. Select properties, click on the security tab
  3. Click add and typ in the username that requires access - usually your own in this case.
  4. Check Full Control, click OK and then OK again.

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